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We are currently working at capacity due to an increased influx of repairs caused by Apple Stores’ limited support scope during the Covid-19 pandemic. Repair turnaround time is being affected, please make sure to read our current Service Procedures for more information and expectations. Additionally, please make sure you follow proper social distancing measures and always wear a face mask when standing near or outside our store.

Upon your request, we can deliver your device back to you at the address you provide to us during initial ticket creation as a special exception during the pandemic. A proof of delivery document is required to be signed. Please contact us for more details if you have any questions or concerns in regards to this.

Please fill out the form below to begin. If you are outside our store, please ring the bell located on the counter once the form has been filled and someone will be right outside to help you. If you have not done so already, this is a good time to turn off Find My/Activation Lock of your device. Click here for instructions on how to properly do so.
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